PROOF: Now You Too Can Prepare a Killer Business Plan – And It’s a Lot Easier Than You Think!

If you’ve ever wanted to get some attention from your investor or your prospective customer, then you’re going

to want to read every word of this letter.

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The Harsh Fact.

If you’re like a lot of people I talk to about pitch deck services, then you have a pretty strong opinion when it comes to the number of services available on Google

All of these random solutions promise you that you’ll pull out a brilliant pitch in front of your investors. By the time you finish reading the sales letter, you’re convinced there’s no way this “pitch deck preparation” won’t work for you. It seems like a sure thing, right? But then you try it out…

And it doesn’t work. More often than not, they provide common ideas or solutions for all types of products. And you end up feeling burned again.

Here's a lil secret!

The reason so many of these pitch deck services don’t work is that nobody better than YOU would understand YOUR business.

See, these pitch deck services look good on paper. It seems like they should work. The average person certainly wouldn’t question whether the pitch deck services convince the investor the way they intend.

Even the developer probably just assumes they’ll work, and puts them on the market without ever getting any real-world results. Maybe the pitching strategies worked for the developer, but that doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.

Not demeaning though.

Outsourcing the development of your pitch deck may be viable if, and only if, you do all the homework right. The developer would help you meticulously cover all the critical aspects of your deck - predominantly with respect to design and aesthetics only.

But, they aren't the one that runs your business!

Let that sink in. You may opt for a third-party service provider to do market research, support to get the Go To Market strategy right, and importantly, the financial side of things. Handing over the entire pitch development to an external vendor doesn't mean that your responsibility is taken off your shoulders!

Ideas may come from anywhere. Implementers get the edge. And Business Plans are like love letters, you cannot outsource it!

It's your startup, your baby, and you have to stake up your claim to justify why you'll thrive! Nobody better than YOU the ideator can pitch YOUR idea better. If you are one of the following seekers, this cohort is ideal for you!

Startup Founders

Corporate Leaders

Business Aspirants

The Curriculum

1. Developing an executive summary

A quick way to break the ice with your potential customer or investor is to be concise, precise, and not to clutter much with too many

navigators. Ensure a simple 300-word draft that covers everything about your idea.

2. Prepare your video pitch

With a lesser attention span, visual content has the edge. A well-structured 3-5 minute demonstration of your idea in the form of a

verbal walkthrough or a simple animated video of your business model. This has a structure, and we will help develop yours.

3. Types of slide decks

Slide decks are mere PowerPoint presentations. The purposes vary though! You may be pitching to win a sale deal, partnership, or

investment. There is no one-size-fits-all.

4. Basics of market research

It's not just about TAM, SAM, Market Size, and CAGR. What is the current scheme of things in your domain? How things would pan out

in the next few years? Key business drivers, restraints, SWOT, PESTLE, and so on.

5. What is your business plan

The intricacies of your potential customers' base, traction, Go To Market strategies, and the roadmap that you have for growth.

6. Grey area called the financials

Will you make money sooner? Or are you already making money? When are you estimating the green light on your balance sheet?

How are you going to spend your money? How big would you grow - a case to case analysis.

7. Getting to the task

Gain access to all the resources to build a solid business plan. Our repository of templates is open for you to explore and incorporate and

of course, our insights too.

8. What to outsource (and what not to)

There is a reason why we have a chapter to cover this one. However, to sum up in a line - outsource only the design, not the entire vision

to be comprehended! Don't bully the agencies. You are the parent to your child. Hold your responsibility!

Learn at your own pace! Choose a plan that would suit your business requirements.


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